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  1. Same issues with my SK621: Windows 10 did not detect it in bluetooth pairing mode. I made a ticket related to this (and related to other issue with typing specific characters), but I did not receive any actual/helpful support. Finally I gave up and returned the keyboard back to retailer. I expected a lot more since I paid 139 euros from it. After all it turned to be quite disappointing product.
  2. Hi, I have been waiting an answer/solution for this problem. I have also the SK621 with a nordic layout and I have no idea how to type the At -character (or some other characters like tilde or square bracket). With a normal size keyboard the At -character was typed by pressing Alt Gr + 2, but obviously that is not possible since SK621 does not have Alt Gr -button. I have tried typing combinations like Alt + FN (Cooler Master function button) + 2 and FN + Alt + 2 and few other combinations with SHIFT-button, but none of them worked. I really hope someone tells the correct combination how to type the At-character (and others). Now it is frustrating and silly to copy and paste the At-character from somewhere, because I cannot type it with my new nice looking 139e keyboard Thanks for help in advance.