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  1. Mine did the EXACT same thing. Contacted Support and they wanted me to try to reconnect it and reflash the firmware. How are you supposed to do that if there's no power to the device and not able to be recognized by the OS or MasterPlus? LOL They are supposed to send me a new controller under warranty.
  2. There was a new firmware that came out today. I updated when I opened up my Masterplus software. Too bad it doesn't fix the Aura Sync issue
  3. don't know if the MysticLight is compatible with the ML240L but if the MB doesn't have an ARGB header, you can't sync with MysticLight. You'll be in the same boat as I am with Aura Sync. You'll have to connect the controller to a USB header to your MB and control the lighting through their Masterplus software. So you'll have to use separate software to control multiple devices. It BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWS!
  4. Try disconnecting the controller while the PC is on and reconnect. You should see lights on the controller when it's powered on. Once the Masterplus software is installed, you should be able to make changes to the lighting if you're using the USB header to connect it.
  5. I asked customer support about this and they have no idea what I was talking about since i'm having an Aura Sync/Masterplus sync issue with their fans/ARGB controller via USB connection. They told me that I should be able to control the Aura Sync through Masterplus but no means to be able to accomplish this.
  6. So update on my situation: I contacted Customer Support and they gave me the run around about how the ARGB Controller is not able to be controlled by Aura through the USB header. I explained that doesn't make any sense since I can control it through Masterplus software this way and it' guessed it, connected to the motherboard! They also said that we should be able to control the ASUS Aura sync through the Masterplus software but there is no .SDK file available to do this and it was removed from the forums a while ago to be updated and they haven't said anything about it since. No updates, no nothing. Personally, I think CM messed up somewhere with their software/firmware and isn't trying to take responsibility for the issue for their ARGB/RGB controller and software. So now i'm using Aura Sync for my MB and DMM, Masterplus for the water cooler & fans, and EVGA X1 Precision for the 1080Ti lighting. Ridiculous!!! The first company to make a all inclusive, no strings attached, open source ARGB/RGB controller software is going to make a KILLING!!!
  7. Have there been any updates on this? Your technical support is saying that this is the only option for me to control my lighting but this is not available. When is this happening?
  8. I had to disconnect the controller completely while powered on to get it to work again. Haven't had a problem since. Now if they would just allow me to control my Aura Sync through Masterplus like they said you could do.
  9. Having the same issues. Tech told me I can control my Asus Aura lighting through Masterplus but there is option to do so and is not visible through the SW. Sounds like they screwed up.
  10. Update your firmware and software to Asus Aura Sync to communicate with your ARGB hub through a USB Header. Masterplus works via this method but does not allow for Asus Aura to see it.
  11. So I have ASUS Prime Z390-A with CM MB530P case & ML360R cooler. All are Asus Aura Sync compatible. The mobo only has the 4 pin RGB headers unfortunately. I was able to get everything connected and lighted through the USB 2.0 header on the mobo on the ARGB controller hub. I have been able to get the case fans and cooler to talk through the MasterPlus software (which currently is not recognizing my fans now BTW) after I performed the firmware update. If I am able to connect to the mobo/dimms through Asus Aura Sync and connect through MasterPlus to the case fans and cooler, I should be able to get both to talk to each other, correct? The connections & controls are there to be able to perform this or is there patch that needs to be installed? All BIOS, Windows 10, Firmware updates have been installed so it's not an out of date SW/FW update issue.