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  1. According to their site they are sold out of the adapter kits...they do have everything EXCEPT the back plate which pretty much makes it a no go...seems they only made a few of the things...not too smart in my book, what with every body jumping on the AM4 wagon. The new models (just got one yesterday) do have that back plate but the good news is I've seen back plate adapter kits on Reddit that work with both the AM3+ and the AM4. Just google am3+ vs am4 back plate adapters that's how I saw 'em....good luck.
  2. yeah I've always seen those things called the 'wire retention bracket for the fan'.... and they are hard to find. you'd think those things would be stockpiled but they're not. I too would love to have an extra set to add another fan to have the push/pull thing going on.
  3. I see no one has bothered to answer your question. You would think the powers that be would scan over the forum on questions about their products and parts. I found a link showing that 'X' retention bracket: https://www.cmstore.eu/spare-parts/hyper-212-evo-accessories-pack-new-version-with-am4-but-no-socket-775/