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  1. Hello, I have purchased CM MB511 RGB on 10th of this month and today I tried register but it shows already registered on 9th of March,which is the manufacturing date mentioned on the Cabinet outer Box. I have Purchased from SWETHA COMPUTER BAZAR shop at Cenoy trade centre(CTC) ,in Hyderabad,India. The Box looked sealed though and when I checked the case after coming home, I noticed slight dust on cornors of the case fans. I really was excited to get the much loved cabinet but I felt like I was given a used case. But it's been registered 4 months ago. What should I do now? The place I bought is very far from place. I don't really know if there is any issues with case or not as I don't have the full PC yet. I'm still buying each component one after other when I have the money. Does CoolerMaster do any warning to the shop who is messing with the customers with their products(in case if it's a used one).