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  1. Thanks! I'm more concerned about the cooler sitting on the graphics card. I slipped 4 pieces of card stock paper in between them so i think it's okay. Plus the Wraith Ripper has a plastic cover that keeps the radiator from touching the gpu backplate. I just wanted to be reassured by pros. This is only my second build lol
  2. Cooler Master and AMD created the Wraith Ripper together. I was hoping to get feed back by people who know this specific cpu cooler well
  3. Case: NZXT h400 MO: AsRock x399m GPU: Gigabyte 2070 I just bought a Wraith Ripper but its a little cramped with the parts I already have. The top of the cooler is less than a centimeter away from the tempered glass, and it even touches my GPU which has a backplate. Reasons I like the Wraith Ripper is cause it's an air cooler, it has full coverage for threadripper cpus, and it just looks nice. But not if it's detrimental to the parts. Should I slip a piece of paper between the cooler and the GPU or should I just return and find a smaller cooler?