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  1. Update: A few days ago the MMB in my Inferno stopped clicking - it was still working when pressed but there was no click which made it super sensitive (unusable). With great sadness I started scanning the mice available on the market for a replacement. I went through mice from CM as well as from other brands to find anything that would be closest in terms of functionality. The best match that I could find was the Cooler Master MM830 because it's (probably) the only mouse that still features the option to set the Tactics key, but sadly due to having way less buttons it would still be a lot less functional than my Inferno. Because of that I decided against buying it and instead decided to try to repair my Inferno. For the price of a MM830 I bought a semi-decent soldering station, a decent "helping hands" set, an Omron switch and some solder, flux etc. After watching a few soldering tutorials on Youtube I was able to replace the switch and thankfully it works! I think that way I got a lot more value for my money because I didn't lose any functionality in my mouse and I also gained a pretty decent soldering setup as well as some knowledge. I will try to keep my mouse alive as long as possible but I fear that if some of the SMD components break I won't be able to replace them (even if I could find the defective ones). Also here's how my Inferno looks like now
  2. So the title pretty much says it all - I consider Cooler Master Inferno to be one of the best mice even by today's standards. Sure it might be a little dated with a 4000DPI sensor and lack of proper RGB, but it has something that no other mouse in the world has - excellent symmetrical placement of 11 buttons combined with support for a lot of customization thanks to the "Storm Tactics Multiplier key" and easily accessible profile switch button (can't believe I'm marketing a CM mouse back to CM :P). This makes the mouse into a multimedia powerhouse without the need to place more than 3 buttons under the thumb. I'd love to see an updated version of Inferno hit the market one day. My couple of ideas: Leave the button placement as is. The way each button on top has a counterpart (symmetry) creates some good mapping opportunities. For example I have set up Storm Tactics (let's call it ST for short) + left click to be browser tab to the left, ST + right click is browser tab to the right ST + right quick fire key is close tab while ST + left quick fire key is restore recently closed tab. On another profile I have multimedia control set up - ST + left quick fire - volume down, ST + right quick fire - volume up, ST + MMB - mute sound and right quick fire is just space (for stopping and starting playback). For even more functionality the scroll button could also click to the left and right - that's two extra buttons without changing the overall mouse layout, Obviously update the sensor (don't get me wrong, it's a very good sensor but 4000DPI might not be enough for some people and some high resolution displays nowadays), Add proper RGB this time around, I would like to see support for more than just 3 profiles and a couple of scripts, I don't know how good the PC software for your newest mice is, but the one for Inferno while usable has some weird quirks and is overly complicated and unintuitive - it might discourage some people. Leave the DPI setting indicator - I love it! Add replacable weights for even more customization! I wanted to write to you (CM) about this for a long time actually - I'm still using an Inferno that I bought 7 years ago (it's my second one actually) and I'm afraid that when it breaks I'll lose a lot of functionality because Infernos are impossible to find anymore and no other mouse has what it has. And also having an updated version with even better functionality would be a godsend.