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  1. back in june my pcb just burned as reported on the page 5 of this topic, shortly after they sent me new pcb with top and front panel as well, had to dismantle everything and assemble back the new parts, which took an entire evening. Today this new pcb burned as well. I was not using the leds as it's not the main feature why I bought this case in first place. Opened a ticket - will see what happens...
  2. Hey guys! I’ve bought mine on 28/03 and have experienced the same issues as all of you, top led going bananas, front leds not working at all, etc. I never contacted support as I could settle for a case without led by just turning them entirely off. But yesterday the PCB got a small fire and had a small explosion (like a gunshot sound). I highly recommend not buying this case and I am going to leave some reviews around the web. Do you know if I can “wire” the connections plugged through PCB directly to MB? If yes is there a scheme? And here is the sign of the small fire on the case “door” cover: