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  1. ok so i recently got the 3in1 rgb controller + 3 140mm fans, this is not ARGB, the fans themselves require 4 pin PWM connectors on the board for power and rgb power or rgb power will be fed by fan speed, so first thing first get the proper software for the RGB Controller here you need to make sure its this software because master plus software doesnt currently work correctly, next turn off the PC plug in the RGB controller via the USB cable provided directly to the motherboard, next you need to plug in a 3 or 4 way splitter on PORT 2 of the RGB controller box, then plug in the RGB Fans to the splitter thats plugged into port 2, once you have plugged up the fans to the controller box make sure to plug them into power on motherboard or controller panel board for fan power, then turn on youre system and install the software you have downloaded, now incase it asked you to plug in the device to get started siomply unplug the power to the rgb contoller box while the PC is running then plug back in, its hotplugable so you can do that while PC is running on power portion only, becareful if you have to do this step, once it shows it has detected the box and the installation is completed on software you should have full control of the RGB Fans LEDs, use mirage section in sync 2 mode, reason i said plug into port 2 so this way you can make youre fans got full color spectrum like a prism or rainbow, now that part is done, plug in youre ARGB Fans to the motherboard ARGB Header, then done you should be able to control those from the ARGB Software, once Master Plus Software is out of beta stage you should be able to use that to control all the RGB and ARGB fans that part will be a lil while tho before that software is completed and fully functioning. make sure you not trying to control ARGB From RGB Controller box use the motherboard Header and maybe a splitter from the ARGB Header for multiple ARGB fans.......... you just have to make sure to keep the ARGB and RGB on the separate controllers, this can involve a bit of work but once i was done installing the new RGB Controller box and fans i was happy camper once i realized what was what and how it needed to be ran, take youre time and make it youres!!!! if youre board doesnt have ARGB like you stated just rely on the RGB Controller box with some splitters....
  2. Thanks bro big save wish this software was was in the box on small CD drive or on their front pages easy access, think its being phased out for Master Plus, yea Master Plus needs alot of work still hope they get it working soon
  3. Ok so for those who dont know how to get this effect, you Must plug in RGB Fans to port 2 on youre RGB Controller Box and got to static color mode move all 3 color sliders to white light, then click on Mirage and go to SYNC 2, adjust the frequency for each color spectrum, auto fan speed mode will effect the mirage but low setting for me is like 96 hz for all 3 R G B once i set that it looks like a prism i see a Rainbow of Colors all at once, CPU Cooler fan G100M UFO style looks cool, can not wait to get a 3 way or 4 way split and hook up 4 fans to this.......... Thank You Cooler Master..
  4. well im a It Tech pro and would be going ape shiz if that was occuring, so i see on the front side of youre PC can you mount the Radiator there instead, and just move 2 front fans to the top? maybe that would solve youre issue, if that dont work out get a fan speed control panel for single fan and hook that single fan up to it and rev it up to the highest speed you want it going to without it getting high enough to start grinding on youre memory sticks....or a bigger case................oh and nice system btw
  5. master 3 in 1 with controller&cm_re=cooler_master_3_in_1_with_controller-_-35-103-247-_-Product
  6. half of the software is not working its like some beta nightmare, no brightness controls working, 3 patterns not allowing me to change the color of the pattern, and crashes when trying to play a video or during a game in screen follow mode so few issues need to be corrected with this software ASAP cause i just got this item with 3 140mm fans and im having troubles and iv double checked everything............oh and its missing mirage option...........i would say make sure they get this software working before purchasing this item, and i just got the 3 in 1 pack from America shipper on newegg for 37$ 3 fans 1 RGB controller box
  7. No brightness controls, Crashes after few mins in screen follow mode and or crashes after few mins, static, breathing and star setting not working or atleast not letting me change colors of those settings, mirage mode no where found, so it should dance to the music when you play music over your computer if that setting is not in there add it please, alot of issues here with this beta software alot of bugs i made tickets on this as well this beta software is screwy and i just got this product please gimme newer software!!!!