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  1. You dont have to plug your fans into the rgb header on the motherboard. You can just use their controller. If you want to use AURA plug a splitter into the motherboard header and the fans to the splitter. Then you wont need the controller (cant use Cooler Master software this way-Just your motherboard ASUS Aura software). Best to buy a PWM fan hub for the fans for power. The fans have two leads. One for RGB and the other for power. Also they do make ARGB and RGB fans. I have 7 - 4pin/12v/RGB fans connected to one controller. And all powered by a PWM fan hub. You good Stefan? If its not clear say something. Cooler Master support sucks so here is the best you get.
  2. I hear that you cant use two controllers sane time plugged into the motherboard USB's.
  3. Are you using the correct sofware? There is the Cooler Master LED Controller software and there is the MasterPlus Beta Software. The LED Controller software has the mirage stuff on it and what you want to use.
  4. For the most part in my experience most places give you at least decent customer support. I give the crown of worst customer support to CM. You can spend days talking to these folks asking the same question and never get an answer. Unbelievable. I had to reflect on why I haven't bought any of their products in such a long time. Its now going to be a much longer period.
  5. The manual for your motherboard shows it supports Argb and 12v RGB. So yes.
  6. I just bought 6 fans and was going to do the same. I didnt know you couldn't use two controllers at the same time. This should be listed on the product.
  7. It will work for you. Just hook it up and connect the usb cable. Install the software and then you should be good. Short leads on the fans so buy a fan hub before you get them. Im in Asia and I see sellers in Asia and US selling product. You can adjust your settings in NewEgg to show just your region or all international options.