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  1. Found this thread because I was having same issue with the Portal software and the new SK621 wireless keyboard. Turns out users have to connect the SK621 via USB, and toggle the wireless switch on the SK621 to off. It's pretty ridiculous that the Portal software says there's a network error as a result of this. But then the Portal software is pretty poorly designed. Of course, that doesn't excuse Cooler Master for 'in general' not providing clear instructions for how to install and use the hardware/software they sell to customers. The keyboard just comes with a cheat sheet for the FN key combos, some warranty info, and some basic instruction for connecting to Bluetooth. On closer inspection, the box says there's a Quickstart guide with battery info, but I didn't get one of those... maybe there was actually supposed to be a detailed guide?
  2. Update. I've spent the better part of 2 days working on this, testing everything I could think of. Important Note: To use the Portal v1.01 software to access your wireless capable SK621, you gotta connect it via USB, not Bluetooth, and set the switch to wired mode. Otherwise you'll likely get the same misleading 'no internet connection' error I did. And don't expect to be able to see any of the lighting changes made on the 'Wireless' screen until after you unplug the USB, even if you switch the SK621 to wireless mode while plugged in. (The software ain't great) Details about my PC: Win10 x64, Z170N Gaming MOBO, Intel Core i5 6600k, Intel 8260 Bluetooth 4.2 receiver (via M.2 WiFi card on MOBO). The 8260 receiver works fine with other devices; even from several meters away. The SK621 does not work properly with the otherwise functional 8260 receiver regardless of driver version or antenna adjustment. The SK621 does not work properly with the otherwise functional 8260 receiver despite updating the SK621's Firmware via the Portal. The SK621 can only maintain a steady connection with the otherwise functional 8260 receiver from within ~8 inches from the entanna. Next I'll test with a $6 Bluetooth dongle I've purchased off Amazon. I expect it to work fine with the dongle, since it works fine with my phone and my wife's laptop. And I'll probably keep the SK621 if it does, even though I'm not exactly a happy camper right now, and I'm not thrilled with the device overall; it is still an upgrade from my 10y/o MS Arc Keyboard, as long as it works wirelessly. Update: It does not work fine with the ZEXMTE Dongle. Get ~2ft range now, with direct line-of-sight. Better, but not good enough. I lose connection if I move it back on my lap so my cat can sit with me. It's a great wired keyboard, but I don't need a wired keyboard. Arg.
  3. 1st) There doesn't appear to be a sub-forum/thread for SK Keyboards yet, and I can't start one. So there's really no better place to post about them, except maybe General Hardware? It'd be nice if a Mod would add a section for discussing SK Keyboards, or just redesign the Keyboard section to be non-model-specific. 2nd) I am having issues connecting my SK621 to my Intel PC via Bluetooth. I've read that some other customers and product reviewers have had the same issues, but only with certain devices (drops and lags with their PC or Laptop, but not with their iPhone or another Laptop, for example). The results of my Bluetooth Issues are detailed in 1st reply to this post. If you're having similar issues, please identify and list your Bluetooth hardware's make and model in your comment.
  4. My sk621 isn't even working with Bluetooth correctly, so I'm not using it at the moment to test this, but have you tried specifically pressing 'ATL' then 'FN' then '4'? I've heard that the Tildy (~) requires people to press 'SHIFT' then 'FN' then 'ESC'... that pressing 'FN' then 'SHIFT' then 'ESC' doesn't work.