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  1. Max 3 ARGB fans, which mean you cannot add on another ARGB fans to the MB530P. I also plan to build with case MasterBox Q300P and want to exchange 2 x MF140R ARGB in case front, install MasterLiquid ML240R RGB on top, 1 x MF120R ARGB at rear. 3 x MF120R ARGB ( 2 x from MasterLiquid ML240R RGB ) + 2 x MF140R ARGB. Also don't know how to complete put those all 5 fans into a case, still waiting the answer. I got another ideal, you can chat with me in Facebook if you want. Vita Simoni ( Flying cat picture )
  2. Hi there! : ) I would like to build with MasterBox Q300P Cooler Master's case, and will add 2 x MF140R ARGB in case's front, MasterLiquid ML240R RGB on case's top, 1 x MF120R ARGB at rear. Here are the final result: 3 x 120mm MF120R ARGB ( including 2 x MF120R ARGB from MasterLiquid ML240R RGB ), 2 x 140mm MF140R ARGB. Because I never build the case's fan with RGB or Addressable RGB before, and I choose ASRock B450M Steel Legend to be motherboard. ASRock B450M Steel Legend only have one Addressable RGB LED Header, I knew MasterLiquid ML240R RGB also include Addressable-RGB controller & Splitter, and able to add that rear MF120R ARGB with it, but still need 2 more ARGB connected for 2 x MF140R ARGB. I am not sure what is the max limit of that ARGB controller from MasterLiquid ML240R RGB can support ARGB fans, I guess usually controller only can support 3 x ARGB fans. Here are the question, may I able to build MasterBox Q300P with 5 x ARGB fans above and do not need to add on other item?