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  1. I recently acquired an air-cooler from Cooler Master, and I just innstalled it in my computer. All this was quite straight forward, however when I turned on the pc to check the temperatures I was surprised. Unfortunately I was not positively surprised, my computer was running a lot hotter. I went from 35C idle to 45C. I had an intel stock cooler by the way. Not only did I upgrade the cpu cooler, but I also purchased more fans. I went from having 1 fan, to having 3 fans. I have tested multiple ways of arranging the fans, everything from all the fans sucking air in to every fan blowing out, and everything inbetween. I was just wandering what could be the problem, and if there is a simple soloution. I have even tried multiple thermal pastes, from the thermal paste that was included with the cooler to some high end paste. The high end paste gave me lower temperatures from 50C with the included paste to 45C. I am guessing its a problem with the cooler since the other components in the computer have lower temperatures. The GPU for example went from 35C to 25C. This is the first computer I have built on my own so I am quite a noob, feel free to roast me if the soloution is obvious.