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  1. I’m not sure where else to post this, perhaps it can be relocated if this is not the appropriate place for it. I had a pc die of hardware failures recently and had to order a number of new parts to rebuild it. One such part was my new air cooler by coolermaster. When I got enough parts to start rebuilding I attempted to install the cooler to the motherboard. The cooler was however missing a part and I was unable to properly install it. Here’s where the real problems begin. I was able to submit my ticket from an iPad, but I am completely unable to update the ticket or upload files from my iPad now that the ticket exists. I have no tower since it is in pieces... And I have access to a laptop at times (though not always) but even with the laptop I found about half my updates to my ticket didn’t take. This site needs some significant work to make it mobile friendly and make updating tickets less painful.