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  1. So you got the new pcb (controller) installed it, and the LED’s still are behaving crazy? Someone told me one must change all parts ( top, front, pcb )! I called support, he will be back on monday. Since Thursday he was not responding.
  2. Well im quite sure i already have the new parts. The old pcb hade molex power plugs, while the new one has sata power plugs. Mine has Sata Plugs. But still it went sour. And if the pcb they will send me is the same as the one i have installed, sooner or later it will go broke to. Very frustrating.
  3. What you mean with cable management? The pcb is easy to replace, remove all plugs and remove the old pcb and install the new one and plug everything back. The front is also easy to replace. Only part i can imagine is somehow complicated is the top. Is there the cable management you mentioned? How did you change the top? And till now nobody from coolermaster contacted me.
  4. Was it complicated to install the new parts?
  5. I have the same problem. I bought two c700m cases. Payed almost 1k dollars and both have bad LED’s. One case all LED’s don’t work, while the other only the top section stopped working. The case where all LED’s don’t work is not a issue because my son hates LED’s on his build. But i like them and want them to work on my case. But the top section does not work at all. So please Coolermaster help
  6. Hi I got 2 C700m cases to finish two builds. The first case all LED’s did not work out of the Box. My wife does not like LEDS so i left it like it is. My second Case worked great at the Start. After some time the top LED’s stopped working as they should. They stay in strange colors and look just broke. After i payed almost 1000 dollars for both cases, im very frustrated. In this price range such problems should not exist, or if they exist tAken quickly care off. But all my emails i sent to the support team are unanswered. I got a automated response that someone will contact me, but nobody is contacting me at all. Does coolermaster tread loyal customers like that? All my cases i ever bought are coolermaster products. Please who can help me to resolve this issue?