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  1. i am using the above mentioned case for my build. motherboard is Aorus z390 Ultra. RAM is four GSkillz trident sticks. and i'm trying to install a kraken x62 or x52. the x62 won't fit on top mount. i'm wondering if i can front mount it. however, the case already has 2 preinstalled front fans so i don't even know if it's possible to mount on the front or if that's stupid. please help!!!
  2. and i'm sorry in advance because i'm sure this is a dumb, dumb question. but my h500 mid case didn't come with any instructions or any detail about what each pre-installed cable is for and where to connect it on my motherboard (aorus z390 ultra). some i can figure out because they are vaguely labeled, but there are a couple that i just am not sure about and don't want to make a mistake. i've attached pictures of the cables. any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks!