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  1. We all love to play video games, so why not play them together? Here are my handles: Xbox Live Gamertag: M1yagi Steam: M1yagi Also, don't forget to join the Cooler Master Steam Group!
  2. Mr. Miyagi

    Show Us Your Cases!

    Cooler Master Wave Master Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 Asus P5Q-Pro 4x 2GB Corsair XMS2 TWIN2X4096-6400C5 AMD Radeon HD 4650 128GB Crucial M4 SSD 2TB Western Digital Green HDD Also swapped the blue front LEDs to match the rest of the red. And my old one: Cooler Master Scout Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 overclocked to 3.6GHz Asus P5Q-E 8GB Corsair XMS PC2-6400 RAM 2x Visiontek Radeon HD 4850s in Crossfire 2x 500GB Seagate 7200 hard drives D-Link Xtreme N Wireless Card Creative SoundBlaster Audigy2 ZS Gamer Corsair VX 550w PSU Corsair H50 water cooling NEC 8x DVD-R/RW Drive
  3. Mr. Miyagi

    When will there be new LIQUID COOLING?

    I haven't seen or heard anything about a new water cooler unit. To be honest though, theses days, air cooling is fantastic. All you need is good cable management for good airflow and you'll see amazing performance from an air cooler. Would be nice to see CM release an all-in-one unit to compete against the Corsair H50 though like the Aquagate Mini R120 but with a better pump.
  4. Mr. Miyagi

    Cleaning the n520

    You also might want to try re-seating your heatsink on your CPU and use a better thermal compound. Sometimes you're not getting the best contact. Use 100% isopropyl alcohol to clean and remove the old thermal paste. (Not rubbing alcohol)
  5. Mr. Miyagi

    Storm Sniper stock fans

    Why not just replace the fans with green LED fans to save yourself some time? For the 200mm, Cooler Master has this 200mm fan that allows you too hook up the 5mm LED of your choice.
  6. Mr. Miyagi

    Preview: Black Edition HAF 932!

    Looks great!
  7. Mr. Miyagi

    Cooler Master HAF Case Mod

    Are you acustamating the whole interior or just parts of it?
  8. Mr. Miyagi

    Looking for 80x80x25mm Fan

    Besides the Slim Fan, the 80x80x25mm is the standard for all 80mm case fans. The highest CFM fan that is available from Cooler Master is the Blade Master 80mm at 40CFM.
  9. Mr. Miyagi

    Looking for 80x80x25mm Fan

    Wait, are you looking for a 25mm or 22mm height fan? Your post is a little confusing.
  10. Mr. Miyagi

    more power!!!

    If you have spare 4 pin molex connectors, you can use a splitter. Here is a 4 pin to 3 SATA connector.
  11. Mr. Miyagi

    Fan problem with V8 cooler

    The physical controller for the fan is not working?
  12. Yes, the Cooler Master Hyper 212 heatsink will fit inside the Elite 334 just fine.
  13. Mr. Miyagi

    Aquagate DuoViva VGA Liquid Cooling System

    The fan in the Aquagate S1 is a standard 120mm fan that you can purchase from any retailer.
  14. Congrats! That is one mean rig.
  15. Mr. Miyagi

    CM Hyper 212 PLUS

    I will leave it open to help other users if they have the same question. How did you figure it out?
  16. Those are some great shots. I do have a soft spot for individual sleeving with alternative colors.
  17. Mr. Miyagi

    Fan problem with V8 cooler

    Do you have the latest BIOS for your motherboard?
  18. Mr. Miyagi

    Cooler Master HAF Case Mod

    Looking good so far sir. The speckled fan guards look sick.
  19. Mr. Miyagi

    Fan problem with V8 cooler

    On your other system fans, are they too being throttled? You might want to try a 3-pin to 4-pin adapter until Gigabyte releases a BIOS update. If your V8 did not have a problem on your old 3.2, then I would say it's software.
  20. Mr. Miyagi

    Fan problem with V8 cooler

    So you've disabled Cool 'n Quiet and you're still having the fan throttle? Have you tried another fan connector? (one of the normal ones on the motherboard without the RPM sensor) What temps are you getting by the way?
  21. Mr. Miyagi

    Grounding question storm scout

    Of all the systems that I've worked on (over a couple thousand for a number of school systems) I've never had a problem with static. Just make sure you touch and unpainted part of the chassis or the PSU to ground your self and you should be good. If you're really cautious, try not to work on carpet.
  22. Mr. Miyagi

    Elite 341 & Thermalright TRUE cooler

    Yeah, it should not have a problem fitting. I've seen an OCZ Vendetta 2 in the Elite 341 and it's about the same height as the Thermalright.
  23. Mr. Miyagi

    Elite 341 & Corsair HX450 PSU

    Yes, it will fit and you won't have a problem. It's a standard PSU.
  24. Mr. Miyagi

    Cooler Master PSU Reviews

    Please post here reviews of Cooler Master PSUs. This will be more up to date than the Cooler Master website and will help a lot of people with questions since reviews can provide a lot of information about the product. Just provide the link and I'll organize a list here so it's easy to search for a review. Please follow the rules and keep the reviews in English. Thank you!
  25. Mr. Miyagi

    SCOUT Military Case Mod: Updated Today!

    The finished case looks awesome. Great job on implementing the Storm logo through the case.