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  1. Ok so at the end i just bought an 8 way argb hub (now i have 6 fans and not 4 , plus the pump and led strips 8 headers ) and i have connected it to the coolermaster controller.That is connected to the mobo with the included cable in the cooler and also with a usb 2.0 cable that was also included.And thanks to masterplus now when i need my cooler to use aura sync i can simply put the thing in mobo mode but when i want that thiccccccccccccccccc spectrum mode (with a lot more Cs) i can just switch it up to spectrum! So yeah, not exactly what it was designed for (maybe or maybe u guys are masterminds its possible at this point) but still pretty pretty cool!
  2. My cooler is a masterliquid ml240r, and while i was looking for some cool lighting effects i found "Profiles". I have NO IDEA how to use these but i want to try them.Also im aware that its a beta of the software ,they're probably not even a thing yet so can someone tell me if its possible to use them or not?And if it is, how?
  3. So i lost the small bag of male 3-pin connectors that comes with the coolermaster masterliquid ml240r but i need to connect 3 argb fans and the pump rgb wich means the splitter isn't enough .Where can i get/buy more?