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  1. I can't find specific dimensions except the basic 111.8 width with fans? x 130.9 x 165.1 mm I'm trying to figure out all the dimension especially the height clearance for ram under the heatsink. From the bottom, to the area where the fins start. Looks like about 35-40mm but how can one know? And according to my calculation when you subtract the 2x 25mm fans from 111.8mm width you get 62mm radiator width. Is this correct?
  2. I'd like to buy this cooler but so far after 20 minutes of searching everywhere and watching youtube videos. I can't seem to find info if it has the proper clearance for my motherboard and memory. I don't want to buy and then have to send it back if it's not fitting but so far it seems that might be the easiest thing. I need to know the height clearance for motherboard heat-sink and memory. It's not specified anywhere.