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  1. have a look on this page on cooler master's website, i'm not sure if they sell yours specifically but check if other models will work
  2. Hello guys/gals, Recently my motherboard fried itself , but now I am buying a Gigabyte Z390 UD ( as a temporary replacement. Unlike my previous Aorus Z370 gaming 7, it only has one RGB header. I have an RGB AIO and 3 case fans from cooler master, the case fans come with an RGB splitter cable, and so does the AIO, but the AIO only uses 2/3 adapter cables, so I was wondering; since I only have one RGB header, would it be possible to plug the RGB splitter from the fans into the 3rd cable of my other RGB splitter cable(the one for the AIO RGB that has a free slot) and then have the RGB for the AIO and for the fans all merging into one cable that I will have to connect to the motherboard? Is this possible? Will it work? Thank you in advance