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  1. Hi. Was hoping you could release some spare cables for this amazing headset as I can't find any to buy anywhere. Preferably one without the inline controls. Thanks for releasing such a solid product. I've been running these headphones through an amp and not only is it a great gaming headset, but amped it's an absolutely astounding headphone for listening to music for the price. I appreciate you!
  2. The vast majority (if not all?!?) gaming headsets are closed back design. Perhaps those in the know have good reason never to make an open back headset, but most audio folk know that openback offer really decent soundstage which can be great for gaming so surely some company will eventually break ranks and release a decent one?!? Cooler Master knocked it out of the park with the MH571/2 ( it's a slight shame that because of it's understated design and serious competition it hasn't become THE gaming headset to own). What about approaching another really solid cheap openback headphone manufacturer and implement their headphone into a really decent headset? Something along the lines of the Philips SHP500 or the Superlux 668/9. Perhaps this is already in the pipeline? Hope so!!!