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    H500M Right Side Panel

    Definitely isn't normal for me. I have found that the screw/latch on the top is not even across the two panels though. Its much harder for me to remove the right side panel than the left. If its very noticeable and bothers you I would suggest an RMA if you still can.
  2. Hey Bobby, I had the same issue at first when i got my case, and I was afraid about screwing it up because of reviews on youtube from reviewers who accidentally fried the controller. I've found that some of the coolermaster instructions are pretty cryptic. While I don't remember exactly what I did I encourage you to try it with only the ub plugged into the controller, because I remember thinking that the instructions sucked once I figured it out.
  3. I've tried searching the forums already and I can't seem to find an answer.... I have an old HAF XM case that I would like to keep. I'm going to be upgrading everything in June or July when the next Ryzen chips are released but I cant seem to figure out what size radiators the HAF XM can support. I'm interested in water cooling for the CPU only. Thanks!