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  1. Hey Michiel, thanks for the reply. I figured as such but I couldn't find any other option for submitting my problem. I didn't receive any e-mail stating the reason of the reject. Per your instructions I submitted a support ticket on your CM fanzone... I hope I will find a solution there, Thanks!
  2. These guys should seriously look into this problem. All of us owning this case have problems that simply should not exist for a case at that price range! PERIOD!
  3. Greetings! I am also having problems with my upper leds panel on my C700M. Opened a ticket for RMA on this part but it got rejected!? I included purchase receipt and a picture of the problem! Why they rejected my request? Also not a single message to tell me why? Seriously Coolermaster? Any help here please? RMA number: CNLGR1904002 And today I witnessed yet another failure! The front panel leds failing!