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  1. I haven't bought a CoolerMaster CPU cooler in 6 years because ever since my first Hyper 212 Evo I have been cautious of two design flaws. These design flaws were not an issue with another brand cooler (Cryorig H7), but unfortunately they can't seem to meet consumer demands at the moment an no one has them in stock. It's at a time like this that CoolerMaster has a chance to regain a customer who builds PCs for others. Knowing the Hyper 212 Evo is too tall for many cases, and also blocks access to a DIMM slot, I took a look at the Hyper 212 Black edition. With all it's redesigns, it still has those two design flaws. The case I want to get (Corsair Carbide 100R Silent Edition) has a 150mm clearance for CPU coolers according to specs online. The 212 Evo is 159mm tall and the Black edition is 158mm tall. Here's my request for the next product: - Make it inexpensive ($30-$40) - I don't need lights, so similar in appearance to the black edition would be super - It needs to perform well obviously - Design it for single fan use only so you can offset the tower enough to give complete access to RAM slots so it can be used with any height RAM module. Can you imagine having to remove your CPU cooler fan in order to pull a RAM stick for testing, or not being able to use all of your slots if necessary, or having to buy low profile RAM with poor heat spreaders because you want it to fit under the fan, or having to run the CPU cooler in a pull-only configuration? All of these compromises are unacceptable when a simple redesign is all it would take to remedy all these problems. - Make it 10mm-15mm shorter. I keep looking at cases that seem to be incompatible with a 158mm tall cooler, and this has happened repeatedly with different models from the same popular manufacturer. These are pretty standard looking mid-tower cases for ATX motherboards, they aren't weird or narrow. If other CPU coolers can pull off 145mm, why can't CoolerMaster?