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  1. Ive had my keyboard for a couple months now but ever since a week ago, my capslock will turn the light indicator on and off but wont work unless i change the software im using.For example, if i have the capslock on in Word and turn it off, i will still type in capital letters despite the light indicator on the keyboard being off. Then, if i go onto another program (e.g. chrome) with the light still off, i can now type lower case letters. Then I can go back to word and type in lower case, but if i press caps lock on I still type in lowercase and if i want to type in higher case i need to do the same thing as before.Ive tried to change the settings so that i turn off capslock using shift, but now theres a different thing happening. Now to swap between high case and lower case, i need to press capslock and then shift. And then to swap between lower case to high case, i do the same thing.Sorry if it doesnt make much sense to read, Im not the best writer.Just for reference, my keyboard is the Cooler Master CK550