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  1. Hello everyone I wrote to support, I have a ticket open but after sending me a new controller, it doesn't work! and moreover the assistance is no longer responding! I believe that a serious company cannot behave in this way, we spent a lot of money for this house, and it must be perfect!
  2. has anyone solved this problem? I think coolermaster should do something, we spent a lot for this case! it can happen that a product has a defect but the company has to do something to solve, I have done some research on google and there are so many people with this problem! the case coolermaster cosmos c700m has problems with the leds and the automatic speed of the fans ..
  3. I unfortunately from Italy I can not call assistance, I have also noticed another problem related to the fans when I press the button to check everything on the motherboard always run at maximum ... you too is so?
  4. hello I opened a ticket, they replied telling me they will send me a new controller .. has anyone solved it? if so how? Sorry for my english
  5. I have a problem with rgb cosmos c700m the case for what it costs shouldn't have these problems I really don't know where to turn to There is no support number, I'm in Italy help meeee