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  1. This is my first Hyper 212 LED (and first aftermarket/non-stock Intel cooler since I've been running AMD for nearly 2 decades) and when I put the brackets on I expected them to stay flat but it looks by the cut holes in the bracket where the screws are being almost like 3 times it got drilled that maybe this is intended for the brackets to curl when getting screwed down. I only did them thumb tight by hand then went back and tightened with a screw driver a couple more turns in the 1-2-3-4 pattern but it was already doing this angling before I got the screwdriver so I snapped this picture: So far CPU (i9-9900k 3.6gHz-5gHz boost) looks fine in Bios at 29C, I'm not planning to overclock this is to replace my old AMD FX-8320 based vmware server. It will have some moderate to heavy workload but I wanted it for the cores/threads not the Hz, everything in Bios is set to Auto. Thanks for looking and any responses :)