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  1. I have to use both MSI Mystic Light for my ram and mobo lights and the Cooler master RGB Software for my RGB Prism Cooler lights but when I Install both the Mistic Lights software automatilly changes my settings I picked in Cooler master software so every time I boot my PC I have to open Cooler master RGB Software and pick the settings and effects I want is there any way around that so it saves it every time? I just redid my PC yesterday and have not installed any software yet till I can find a solution thank you !!
  2. I'm trying to figure out if I can use my motherboard that onlh has the older style RGB header 4 pin 12 volt with this case and get the argb light to work proerly someone said I can use a USB header instead is that true??
  3. have the same mouse not even 4 months old and the scroll wheel super loud and squeky
  4. I Had to RMA my keyboard and they got it about 2 weeks ago and said they would send me out a new keyboard and its not been sent yet? is it normal to take this long seems like a really long time I had to RMA stuff before and its always been really fast to get it back the place is only like a 1.5 hour drive from me too its weird?