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  1. The fastest way is to open a ticket with CM support because as stated before the chance of someone answering the phone is very slim. To see what are you up against when changing the panels try this: remove right side panel (metal one), you will then see a small panel on the right held by two screws (one up and one down) when you remove it you will see a big "mess" of wires. All of this wires need to be unplugged from the motherboard and controller then removed through a hole in the case and then you need to do all of this but in reverse with the new top panel. I find this the most time consuming and frustrating part so if you have no problems with that let me know.
  2. Well, regarding the bottom panel, I hooked up the old panel to the new controller and is working fine so there should not be any problems with that. Also regarding the guide I can't really tell you when it will be ready but before CMs for sure .
  3. Well I find this strange because I did get the bottom panel. The LEDs wiring on the new bottom panel is a little bit different but I need to check with the old panel to be exact sure what are the differences, I'll do it this weekend and let you know what are the changes and if they make any difference. Also if you want I can make a small guide how to change the panels so you can decide what you want to do.
  4. I hope you win this fight .
  6. I can tell you about mine. I got replacement parts: top, bottom and front with 7 pins, new controller ( revised PCB ) and the issues started maybe after month or two. The problem is the controller, obviously it's not designed very well. Regarding how to change the panels: it's not that difficult, depends if your pc is air cooled or you have a custom water loop, you can do it probably in 1 hr, I did it in 2 hrs because i had to drain my loop. If you need any help just ask, I can post pics with steps you need to take for changing the panels if you decide to do so.
  7. Probably with the CM hub you can control the LED strips using your MB aRGB software, the C700M front panel control would be useless because you can't connect it anywhere on the hub. Also I'm not so sure I would trust them with this controller because even when they did redesigned the C700M controller they didn't do a great job. Mine is starting to act funny again so I'm waiting until it goes completely crazy ( it won't be long ) before I ask for a new one ( still got about 1 year warranty left ).
  8. Which controller do you have, the one with the two sata for power or the one with molex connector? Also the best thing you can do is to open a ticket with CM support since the controllers for some are working and for some do not. You have a thread on this forum with the issues people have regarding the C700M controller.
  9. Well I got mine 2nd replacement about 2 months ago ( can't really remember exactly when ) and it's starting to act funny again . When you turn the pc on it doesn't go directly to solid red but starts with the rainbow effect or another color on front and bottom panel, top goes to red immediately. The PCB is the revised one ( two SATA connectors ), previous two were the old PCBs. So with the replacement parts it's obviously hit or miss.
  10. Can you tell me what is the the combine wattage of the fans that you are using or what fans are you using? The controller should support 4.8 Watts per channel or 28.8 watts total.
  11. Thats weird. When my old controller broke they've sent me the old version again so probably it's got something to do with the new controller PCB layout.
  12. Yes it does, I've tried every setting on the controller and everything works fine, only LEDs that are not working are those on the front panel when removed.
  13. You can try sending them email at . Mr. Jacobs that work there is really great, he helped me numerous times.
  14. I don't think so. When I remove the front panel only LEDs that stop working are those on the front panel all others LEDs are working as if the panel is still attached.