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  1. neno

    Cosmos C700M

    You can use the glass panel from C700P case: I've asked them in 2018 the same question and they said it would fit. If you need proof I can post a screenshot from my e-mail or you could contact them directly at: .
  2. Did you try opening another ticket? I've opened my ticket on 25th of April and they've sent me replacement parts on 29th, so maybe they've "lost" yours. But there is obviously a problem with the argb controller even after changing the PCB layout.
  3. Well I got today my replacement parts, PCB and top panel. The new PCB is the old model with molex connector, the same as the one currently in the case. Who knows if this one will go broke just like the old one. The old one went broke after 5-6 months.
  4. Here you go.
  5. I still have the original paper manual so if you still need it I can scan it for you.
  6. For more then six fan you need to use y-splitter because there are only six fan connectors. But you should pay attention to the fan wattage. I believe you can connect MAX 4.8 Watts PER CHANNEL. And yes, for the bottom fans you need to use the same bracket as for the top and front fans, only you need to buy that separately 'cause you get only two included with the case. Currently cmstore in EU is out of stock for the bracket, and he next stock should arrive in about 2 months.
  7. Hi. I've got one. If you are still interested send me a PM.
  8. Can you post the picture of the new PCB, I would like to see all the differences between old and the new one? I still have the old one but its starting to act funny, occasionally (around twice a week) upper top right LED strip goes to trough the cycle of changing colors. So I'm waiting to go completely broke so I can ask for RMA.