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  1. Hi Cooler Master, I wondering if your designer could design the front air filter mesh panel that could reduce in size as more 5.25" drive is added. Reason to able me to make Master Case Marker 5 into a hot-swappable NAS drive with the help of Icy Dock. Example: ICY DOCK FlexCage MB975SP-B R1 Tray-less 5x3.5" HDD in 3x5.25" Bay SATA Hot Swap Rack / Cage / Module ICY DOCK FlexCage MB973SP-1B Tray-less 3x3.5" HDD in 2x5.25" Bay SAS / SATA Hot Swap Rack / Cage / Module Quad Bay 2.5" SAS/SATA HDD/SSD Docking for External 5.25" Bay 5.25 MASTERBOX CAGE (SKU: 621050440-GP) MASTERBOX 5 FRONT MESH 5,25" (SKU: 621047930-GP) MASTERBOX 5 CONVERSION KIT FOR 5,25"SUPPORT (SKU: MISC-Conversion)
  2. Can the MasterCase MC600P modded to support a total of 5 5.25" Icy Dock Hot Swap Backplane Cage? In other word having 5 to 8 5.25" drive in MasterCase MC600P.