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  1. You are a champion thankyou. I have the same motherboard (Gigabyte Z390 Ultra) and the same case (H500M). I also bought a pack of triple cooler master MF120R ARGB (comes with mini cooler master ARGB controller). I mucked around for 3 days now trying to figure out what is the correct way to connect to the motherboard, with the additional cables in the motherboard box, and 5v/12v concerns, etc etc. Anyway connected up both Cooler Master controllers to SATA power and the RGB connectors on the fans (left the USB connection OFF), and connected to the motherboard using the 4 PIN connector (labeled ASROCK ASUS MSI) NOT the GIGABYTE labeled 3 PIN connector on D_LED1 & D_LED2. It works for me, I can see it and control in the Fusion 2 software (without my RTX 2080 installed). When I install the RTX 2080, Fusion 2 does not run. Have not been able to Sync all the colours yet across all the fans and motherboad. Colour split between the 2 ARGB (D_LED1/D)LED2), will do some more playing to see if I can sync them all up. Painful but pretty close now.