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  1. Whatup folks. Same thing for me. My mobo is MSI MGP Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon AC I got ML240R RGB, tried to install it with the jrainbow port on the mobo(msi's argb 3 pin connector) and no controller. Pump's LED wasn't working at all, but the fans were good. Funny thing, that I even sent back my device by warranty, saying: pump's led not working. They sent me back a new one. And guess what?! The same stupid thing Then I decided to use included controller, connect everything via it, excluding the pwr wires, which are comes dicrectly to mobo. And I got working LED on the pump. But now struggling with other issue - I can't controll it with my MSI Mystic Light sync software(( But it worked when I conected all the stuff without controller. So I'm wondering if it is cooler master imperfection or MSI's one ? Looks like mostly CM, because other people have same issues with pump lights... ps my case - cooler master masterbox light rgb, works very fine with msi mystic light! damnit