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  1. A very BIG THANK YOU for your great support, I've received three new fans for my cooler in just one week!!! I have already installed them on my system and everything is QUIET and COOL!!! Thank you very much!!!
  2. Guys I am sorry this was my mistake, support did answer to my issue the day after I 've put it, but I didn't knew I have to check on my ticket status, I thought that they would sent me an email.... Anyway I've provided my address and they are sending me replacement fans. Thank you!
  3. Hi again, Its really sad for me to mention, that there is still no response from support to my issue. My ticket number is 3350 at April 4th 2019. Nothing more than a bot answer yet... The fun in this case is that the third fan also started to make noise. So I Have all three fans making noise. 11 days and counting. The feedback that you are creating gets worse every day. Please reply. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi guys, I've bought the new ML360R RGB with the triple fans and installed it on top of my also new mastercase H500M. The cooling of my system is perfect and also the case is a jewel and not just. Really is the King of airflow as they say. BUT. As long as the pc is on idle everything is quiet. When time for gaming comes when the fans speed up, two of them make a very annoying noise like someone touches the fan blades with a piece of paper. The noise sequence is like breathing, as the fans speed up the noise appears and when they slow down the noise fades away. This noise really is drilling my ears and is unacceptable. This is really frustrating for me, as I 've spend a lot of money for this build. Nevertheless I've expected more quality from a company like CM. Anyway, if anyone can help me to fix this issue, please reply on this topic, before I go crazy and throw these fans out of the window. Thank you in advance.