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  1. Hello there i have been out the pc game for a canny few years, memory is slowly coming back lol I have a cooler master liquid cooler 120 i think on an intel 6700k i7 For the past couple months there has been a problem with the cpu fan speed not registering on intel tuning utility for the first 10/15 mins of the pc being booted up and the temperatures rise just sat there ticking over until the fan speed registers then the temperature plummets to 20+degrees, the fan on the cooler is spinning constantly so that can't be the problem, is my water pump on its way out? Im hesitating on buying a new one incase the problem magically persists once a new cooler is installed lol. Can also hear like a surging noise/pulsating sound until the rpm registers 2 imagas are attached of the cpu rpm and temps rising/lowering Any help would be greatly appreciated - kind regards john