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  1. Hi @Josh Wraith Yes, This item can be daisy chained https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/coolers/rgb-accessories/1-to-3-rgb-splitter-cable/ Not sure how many your planning to chain, so just be mindful of the max amps draw for the header. Best DeSwaggy
  2. Hi @Rich Levin The other information I found: 1. Coolermaster SK650 Page Links - https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/peripheral/keyboards/sk650/#Downloads 2. Youtube Clip, "How Too" - If there is a specific question regarding "how to" please provide details. Best DeSwaggy
  3. Hi Joseph, Lets look at this together and see what you feel is the answer. 1. "Would there be any gain in putting aluminum foil around the CPU liquid cooling hoses" What are you trying to gain? Thermal insulation or Thermal conduction? My understanding is that you want to remove the heat from the Processor, move/disperse the heat as quickly away from the heat source to cool it down preferably at the radiator (As the hot air is then removed from the case by the fan), yeah? So let's roll with the foil concept for a second and say "lets wrap it around some pipe". It will act like a heat-sink and become a thermal conductor, taking heat from the pipe into the case, to be blown out by the case fans, instead of the radiator fans, creating a potential higher in case temperature and raising the general temperature of all other component ? In addition, some of the properties of the alloy foil will retain some of the heat through thermal insulation (As there will most likely be air between the tube and foil), however as most alloy metals are usually fantastic thermal conductors, it will get to temperature of the pipe quickly and then act as above, a thermal conductor. Is this what your wanting? It doesn't sound right hey? 2. "or would this cause a problem?" A. As mentioned above B. Well it could help the mind control towers from reading the temperatures of the pipe, similar to wrapping it around your head, so less meta-data/IO packets being sent from your wi-fi reducing packets from being dropped. (An unproven conspiracy theory..) C. It might, if it falls off and cause cool special effects from its conductive properties as it shorts out on that mother board, thus saving you money on RGB lighting effects! D. Maybe try chrome copper pipe, alloy pipe or stainless steel pipe if your going for the silver look, yes it is a little more time consuming than alloy foil but well worth it for cosmetics. Please let me know if you are happy with the reply Best DeSwaggy
  4. Hi Daniel, Can we have a little more detail in relation to this issue. -What have you tried? -What is it led plugged into? ie Cooler Master RGB Controller or Motherboard (Please Specify Details) Or if you have fixed this issue? If so can you please write a brief description of how you corrected the issue so we close this thread please? DeSwaggy
  5. Hi @EmZoc This does not sound good, So lets start at the beginning, I'll need a bit more of background story. 1. Is this a "New" keyboard from a recent purchase? 2. How long have you owned. 3. When did you first notice this issue. 4. Can you please advise what country you are in. The reason mostly for this answer is so I can understand how your Mains electrical earthing system works. 5. Do you have access to, and are you able to "Safely" use and operate an electrical multimeter? 6. Can you test in voltage (from a proven, known earth) Earth to frame or metallic case of the PC. (Record this reading) 7.-- I will await your reply for further fault finding. My first thoughts on the issue: - There is an issue in the earthing system in your PC, unlikely from induced voltage so it would be more looking towards an issue with the PSU or even further back, it could be the earth from the Socket Outlet (Power Point) (Depending on your region/country). - As the keyboard doesn't "produce" the electrical, and all the power to your comes from the wall, down the IEC to a step-down transformer (PSU) inside the PC, it reduces the voltage from 230V/110V into 3.3V, 5V & 12V in simplified terms, 3xAA batteries (1.5V Qty 2 = 3.0V). Just enough to run a hand held torch, not really enough to give you a boot unless your licking the cable while touching something earthed, even then unlikely to hurt or damage you. So if your getting a boot (Electrical Shock) from the keyboard and this model looks to have a dicast case or something metallic (please excuse my ignorance), it is likely from an "existing" electrical fault and you are noticing it now as prior to this keyboard i'll assume you were using a plastic or double insulated keyboard and wouldn't have noticed the fault prior, thou it was likely always there. Let me know your thoughts on this and we can narrow this down a little further mate. Cheers DeSwaggy