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  1. Howsit GPNterprises To answer your question, no i never had that problem. What i done was plugged the fans into the cpu fan header and the plugged the pump that sits on the cpu into the system fan header. As shown in the below. I am going to be changing my motherboard even though its a month old. I decided to purchase a motherboard that supports water cooling with the correct headers. By the way you need to try and sort out your cable management, it is a mess and restricting air flow through the case. I done my best to open up airflow as possible as there only so much you can do with tucking cables away.
  2. Good Day Guys I have a question to ask. Firstly I have the Gigabyte H310M-DS2 8th Gen Socket 1151 mother board. Secondly the connection is for the Cooler Master Master liquid MI240R Cpu Cooler. It has two headers namely and both headers are 4pins (motherboard): 1) Cpu - 4pin (where the normal cpu connects) 2) System Fan - 4pin My question is which one do i connect the pump too and which one do I connect the fan too. At the moment i have the fans connected to the system fan header and the pump to the cpu header. Thanks Guys