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  1. I have owned this product for less than a year. During installation, I ended up throwing the directions in the garbage because there were no directions for how to mount it onto my motherboard, only that it could be mounted on my board with my CPU. After roughly an hour of fiddling around with the pieces, I found a way to mount the thing onto my board. The screws that hold the U-brackets onto the cooler to not bite into the pump, and therefore serve little to no purpose and leave the entire assembly much less stable than a CPU cooler should be, so once I got my new PC up and running the first thing I did was download a CPU-temp monitor program and have that running every second I have my computer on to be sure nothing is coming loose. Moving forward approximately 6 months, no more. Up until this point, the cooler has done a great job. My 10 core Intel CPU has never gotten above 40 degrees centigrade and its a dream. Today, out of nowhere, I hear the fan kick into over drive, immediately pull up that core temp monitoring software, and the CPU is running at 90 degrees and is climbing. I turn the computer off, disassemble the cooler, clean it out, check plugs, put it all back together and turn my desktop back on to find the temperature not improving. I turned my desktop off once more, disassemble once again and scrape off the old thermal paste and apply new paste, put it all back together and try again, and again I find no improvement. so now, I'm typing this on my crap top because I cannot turn my desktop on without destroying a $1000 CPU, I cannot reach customer service by phone, I cannot place a support ticket because your website has a serial number field that thinks its a drop down box without options instead of a text field, and all of this is happening because this product doesn't have a lifespan of even a year. So long story short, I hate this product and will not be purchasing another Cooler Master CPU cooler after I get my money back for this one. It this particular item has only been in existence since March of last year (according to the warranty status on your website), so my warranty will be covering a refund.