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  1. On 10/13/2018 at 1:52 AM, Jason Hermanowski said:

    As the Op has posted i am using the same cooler and dealing with a rattling noise from the fans when pwm has fans at full throttle. I can reproduce this with system off and lightly flicking the fans into movement. The other issue I am having with this AIO is upon cold boot or wake up from sleep the fans go to full speed and stay at full speed making the above rattle noise. The fix i have to perform each and every time is boot into the bios save settings and wait for reboot and speed drop to normal speeds. The fans sound like they are about to achieve low earth orbit.


    We will be making a TechNitWit video for youtube of this issue!


    I just came across this post and my fans are making the exact same noise. I even got a replacement from cooler master but it did nothing for the noise. have you found a solution to the problem?