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  1. i can get to the link its just when i submit a ticket that there is an internal server error on cm side ;( Just needs someone at CM to either sort the submission error or just make me a ticket thanks
  2. Hi I have a mm520 and wish to remove the weight, i am aware that on recent purchased models you sent out replacement mouse feet after the weight is removed - I do not have these and was told that you can request them from CM, so would like some of these sent to enable me to remove the weight. I have tried to submit tickets on - but when clicking submit just get a bunch of green nonsense - could someone at CM please help with this or just raise me a ticket to get some new feet please. Example spam from your site: System.NullReferenceException: 並未將物件參考設定為物件的執行個體。 於 CFCMember.CreateAccount(String userName, String userId, String userPhone, String userEmail, String userCity, String zipCode, String userAddress, String area) 於 \\\erma\dotnet.webform\app_code\CFCMember.cs: 行 786 於 CreateCaseNew.btnSaveCase_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) 於 \\\erma\dotnet.webform\modules\erma\salesforce\CreateCaseNew.aspx.cs: 行 895