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  1. I think they will Sent you a new pcb first and the Problem should be fixed
  2. my shows rpm but i got an asus mainboard maybe ur programm cant show rpm? or can u watch ur rpm in bios? u put ur case into mb sync mode(with the buttons)?
  3. U have the Fans on the Controller from the case? Or directly on mb?
  4. U tried your gpu directly? Else just rma but this cable is the worst riser cable i have ever seen. It cause lot of latency issues. I bought another one its working great. This one is cheap
  5. Splitter wont work. U Need a Controller. Like my post above or u buy a Mainboard with 2 controller like Maximus xi extreme it got 2 Controller
  6. It should come from the top panel with the bunch of cables maybe it stucked there.
  7. Does your controller has Molex connector as power supply?
  8. The Support told me thats normal after installing updated parts.
  9. Well my is broken... just works with Front Panel thank you for your help
  10. Can u remove the Front completely what Happens? Turn on Rainbow and remove Front is your top still playing Rainbow colors?
  11. Hi guys if i remove the Front of the case the top LEDs stops working is this normal?
  12. Guys, if i remove the Front the top LEDs stops working is this normal?
  13. Made this, Not Perfect but works
  14. Not for me. Look in the manual if all cable are connected. Otherwise Control the plugs of the top Panel