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  1. Does your controller has Molex connector as power supply?
  2. The Support told me thats normal after installing updated parts.
  3. Well my is broken... just works with Front Panel thank you for your help
  4. Can u remove the Front completely what Happens? Turn on Rainbow and remove Front is your top still playing Rainbow colors?
  5. Hi guys if i remove the Front of the case the top LEDs stops working is this normal?
  6. Guys, if i remove the Front the top LEDs stops working is this normal?
  7. Made this, Not Perfect but works
  8. Not for me. Look in the manual if all cable are connected. Otherwise Control the plugs of the top Panel
  9. cable laying i mean. If u get a new pcb u also Need a new top and Front Panel because they changed the plugs. It is easy to change if u get all parts
  10. Tell them u want all parts replaced. They sent it to me one by one so it took over a month :D.... It is not complicated but if u get ur faulty parts one by one like me u have to Always waste a lot of time in cable manament and stuff.
  11. Open a Ticket (took 2 days for me to get a answer). Had the same Problem u need a new top, front and a new pcb. Seems u got two old models. They changed a lot
  12. Well they changed all parts of the case u need a new Front Panel, top panel and a new pcb with 2 sata Input. After changing all it works for me. Took 1 month for because they sent all one by one Tell Them they should Send all
  13. I bought this one SilverStone SST-ECU01 - PCI-E and it works for me (asus Maximus XI) the only problem was the to connect the sata power cable to it because the cuircit board to big on the sata Power input so it had no power i used a saw to cut it a bit