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  1. Hi! Yes, you need to purchase the caddies MCA-C700R-KOCC00 if you want to add more HDD support and do not worry you'll still be able to use the 5.25" drive bays as long as the 5.25" devices you use are short enough (like in your case)
  2. Hi! if you use a large E-ATX board and you happen to cover the grommets you can always hide your cable behind the cable bar There isa big cable cut out right behind it to hide all cable in case of E-ATX use
  3. do you want to switch from the MC500P to the Maker5 panel or vice versa? if you want to go from MC500P to Maker5 you need to swap the front panel and the I/O module, check out this reference image of the upgrade kit to see all the items that needs to be upgraded
  4. Hi! we always leave a bit of room (around 1mm) for additional clearance so the MA410M will fit without issues in the MB530P
  5. Hi! We do not support the RC-932 anymore as it's a legacy product and there is not enough demand for spare parts but you can easily DIY your own solution with spare parts for a local electronics components store or aliexpress! check this out:
  6. Hei Erdi! First off thank you for the feedback provided, I'd like to ask you a couple of additional questions since we have some airflow oriented products scheduled for next year: - which kind of internal layout limitations are bugging you the most in the HAF X? Hardware compatibility and...? - do you see yourself switching to a more compact airflow focused system or you still prefer the size of the HAFD X instead of a smaller form factor one?
  7. Hi All, this is an issue with Asus Aura SDK, recently ASUS changed their SDK and it's temporarily not fully compatible with 3rd party softwares like our Masterplus+. Our team is currently working togheter with Asus in order to re-implement Asus Aura sync in Masterplus and solve this issue, best thing you can do is keep your masterplus updated as soon a version containing the fix will be available
  8. Hi! I'm very sorry, the ticket system is currently undergoing some heavy issues and the tickets are getting queued. Please allow me to help you directly, I'm from the development team of the C700M, write me at