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  1. Hi, OS: Win10 w/32 gig memory. I have the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML120R installed since Feb. 2-19. All was well until now. I lost the RGB lights. This happed After; I installed 2 Corsair M2 NVME drives. Created 1 M2 as a bootable 480 gig drive, turning off all Sata drives to make cloning easier. After successfully creating the boot and another M2 1 TB drive,allwas fine. Then I noticed that the RGB lights were not working. I went to the bios and made sure that all Sata drives were enabled along with a "HOT" plug. etc. I loaded up again with all drives active, but still no lights. I checked the sata 1 drive split connection that goes to the RGB controller and all wiring looked fine. I als moved the usb from the Sata controller to other usb ports but nothing changed. All cooling temps are ok. Checked Internet for clues. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Joe P.
  2. HI All, Would there be any gain in putting aluminum foil around the cpu liquid cooling hoses or would this cause a problem? Joe