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  1. Run Prime95 or some other temperature monitor, and if the pump wasn't working your temps will be high. In fact, your comp would prob overheat and shut down. You might also be able to put your fingers lightly on the pump and feel it vibrating lightly. I'm not sure as I an installing my ML240L RGB right now. Hope that helped.
  2. I have Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z with 8350FX Black Edition CPU, which is AM3+ You gotta use the AMD Stock base brackets with the 2 curved clip blades that come with the CM cooler. In the instruction manual it shows how to do it. Its very limited, but one side of the manual shows Intel installations and the opposite side shows AMD methods. AM3+ is pretty easy other than knowing how tight to turn the 2 thumb screws that clamp down the pump to the CPU. I'm installing as I type this and trying to find that part out, and noticed your query. Hope that helps.