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  1. After registering my product it seems the psu is still under warranty, I have sent an RMA request. Thank you!
  2. Today I have tried turning on my computer which did not go as it should. My PC did not budge. I had pulled out and replugged all cables just in case but that did not work either. After pulling my PSU out of my computer and trying to start it with a paperclip - a method I saw online bridging the green and black wires and connecting nothing else to the power supply - the PSU fan did not spin up. It has been serving in an i5 4460 and GTX 770 PC since 2014, never at its peak power rating if I am correct. Does this mean my power supply is dead? Can I do anything to it? P.s: I am not a PC expert but I have built the PC on my own with the help of a video from LinusTechTips on YouTube if I recall properly.