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  1. Hello, I wanted to change the colors of my leds on the front today but I have this issue. All seem properly plugued and it was working before Thanks
  2. had the same issue, always had my fans below the radiator but I had to change it. But now i'm not sure I should keep them on exhaust and not change to intake so they can blow through the rad?
  3. Hello I have some questions about my new case : I had to mount the fans above the radiator otherwise it did not fit , they are on exhaust but outside the tower. Will this affect the performance? (view the pic) Since the fan are not blowing through the rad, would that be an issue? Also since the reset switch is also the one for the led, how do you reset.. Stupid question maybe but I can"t figure it out. Moreover, I tried to do an update of firmware http://www.coolermaster.com/xresserver01-DLFILE-P1805280001fe31-F1901080001c121.html but i got this message (see pic) i'm sure the controler is plugued in usb though. Finally about the RGB controler, i have some led stip but non adressable, it's 4 pins, can I plug it without issues on the controler? Thanks for your help !
  4. Hi, I'm thinking of changing my case for a Cooler master h500M. I have a phanteks enthoo luxe and I'm looking for a case whoch would provide a better cooling to my system However, I read that ome aio 360 did not fit on the top, someone could tell me if a h150i corsair enters this case ? Also is it better to put it on the front (intake) or on the top (exhaust) I have some Phanteks halo rgb frame on the fans of the aio, will they fit? And last, what is required for the rgb of the 2x200 of the case? Thanks for your help!