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  1. To answer your question on how I have an ML240RS, I ordered it online from Wootware, ZA. For now I have completely disconnected all RGB to the pump and fans.
  2. So I recently purchased a new PC, decided to go with the ML240RS RGB. I do a check build of all the components and everything is working. Fast-forward a day and I'm now attempting to sync the RGB of the ML240RS to the rest of my system which I had synced via Aura software. Another day passes with me only being able to change the RGB of the cooler via the RGB Controller and then on powerup the RGB no longer works. Iv had instances where one fan lights up or the CPU pup lights up, I then eventually found the software here . I installed MasterPlus and then installed the ARGB BOX Firmware and still nothing has changed. Any help or advice will be much appreciated as everything is perfect with the cooler except the RGB no longer functioning.