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  1. this is really depressing to see constant issues, I had a top LED panel go out a few months back and to Coolermaster's credit I did get a replacement top panel rather quickly after I contacted the social media rep however, my front panel and bottom panel are now trash and don't change colors properly, I'm awaiting a response the front panel is easy to change out, however, I'm worried that the bottom one won't be so easy and that's of course if Coolermaster gives me a replacement for it, at this point I think I need a new case cause this one is definitely a lemon
  2. Yes please let us know, I'm on my second case too and I'm past the return window. I really don't want to pay shipping on this mammoth case for a RMA.
  3. Yep, in the same boat with you guys. Has anyone here actually received a replacement top panel yet? If so, how easy was the replacement process? Timeline? And did it actually work? I've already returned 1 case back to Newegg because it was within the return window. Unfortunately, this happened after their return window and it's the second case I've had. I really hope this can be fixed, I really like the case (when it works). It's beautiful and definitely is a statement piece, but if it doesn't work then that's really sad on the part of a ~$400 case.