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  1. I just checked that link, sadly it doesn't provide any useful info. Yes, I'm aware the Cooler is technically compatible right outside of the box, but it doesn't allow changing orientation, thus the cooler ends up sucking air heated by my Gpu which is inherently hot (Rx580), so im still seeing stock cooler performance, or a barely noticeable improvement. For reference I scavenged this image from a previous post which details what I mean The cooler can only be mounted in the blue orientation using the included mounting accessory, but I would like to mount it in the red orientation, which requires the rr-am4b-212l-r1 mounting bracket, which I don't know if it was supposed to be included, but in my case it was not. Sorry if you were pointing out something else and I missed it
  2. I bought the Cooler Master Hyper 212 led turbo about 7 months ago (August 2018), and to my surprise, the included AM4 mounting part, was just a strap that holds the cooler against the mobo by sheer pressure. This also means the cooler faces upwards, and it picks up the hot air coming out my Gpu, which obviously hinders it's efficiency, making it pointless to have such a cooler in the first place. Right now the cooler is back in the box, and I've been using the stock wraith stealth cooler, which prevents me from achieving the overclock I had in mind for my cpu. Back then, after searching for a bit, I found another forum post about this exact issue, and there, it was suggested to file an Inquiry ticket on the CM Fanzone customer support, which I immediately did. I got an almost immediate response, so I got my hopes up. But after about three months (late November) of pointless conversation through the inquiry message system, they finally sent out the part I needed. The same weekend I got a package from CM with the part, but turns out they sent THE WRONG ONE (image attached). The inquiry clearly was about the Hyper 212 Led Turbo, not the Hyper 212 Evo. I already attempted issuing another ticket back in December pointing out the mistake but gotten no response. The part I require is RR-AM4B-212L-R1 Also, have in mind I live in South America, and as far as I know, I can't buy the part from the CM Store, so no hopes getting it from there. Tl;DR: Is there another way to get the bracket, since it isn't available in another international store? Any help, or advise would be greatly appreciated, and sorry for any inconvenience.