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  1. As of today I did get the e-mail from UPS that my cargo is being sent. This forum is full with horror stories about cooler master RMA process but all I can say is I'm a happy customer. It took them 5 days to confirm my package is delivered to them and another 7 days for RMA process to complete. Maybe the new system which they switched to improved things I don't know. Keep up the good work guys !
  2. Hello there, You should check if your psu still has warranty. G650M has 5 year guarantee after buying if you have the receipt. If you don't have the receipt you can use the serial number(it shows when did psu got manufactured) of psu to check for guarantee. If your psu is eligible for RMA you can send it for replacement or repair for free. (You only need to cover shipping cost.) sign in in here. Go to my product then register your product. After that just follow instructions. But before doing all of this make sure your PSU is the problem. If you don't have a guarantee you can try a local repair shop.
  3. As of today I did get the confirmation e-mail and my RMA seems to be progressing.
  4. Hello there, I started a G650M power supply RMA(#CNLTR1902002) and send the package in 08/02/2019 my post carrier says that package is delivered to destination in 15/02/2019 as you can see in attached file. So on cooler master site RMA processing didn't get updated to Product Received, and ı didn't get a confirmation mail saying that they did get the package. So ı was wondering is there something wrong with my RMA ?