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  1. I report this problem to CM but I didn't received any replay from them
  2. Did this happened to someone ( picture attached ) , driver is not stable for ARGB box , windows recognized it and sometimes not ( moste of the time not ). I trued with new firmware from CM site , didn't worked. my installation is Windows 10 64 bit latest version ( 1809). Manually I delite driver from device manager (since driver is not recognized ) and do scanning after couple time is all right eventually windows accept driver for box . When I want to restart windows same thing all over . Also software Master plus , don't want to open, it take sometime , or want to open at all . I was writing to support for this problem , no replays . Please help
  3. When I want to open Master Plus program gives me a notification can't open asio.sys (5). I have Master liquid ML360 R RGB, case CM H500 , MB Asus Rog strix 390 Z gaming, Asus RTX 2060 . RAM hypeX RGB . MB bios is update on 0805 latest , all latest upadate is done for MB , Windows update 1809. So all updated, and I can open master plus software, gives me this massage can't open asio.sys (5). Nothing on web I checked for this massage , plese help. AGB box properly wired , only i think it is mistake I download firmware from CM site for AGB box , when I did it I have this massage . I tried to reset firmware, but nothing ...