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  1. Ever since I started playing games on the pc I always used a Cooler Master Xornet which I kept for years and always enjoyed, for someone who has rather small hands it is hard for me to find the perfect mouse since it is often the case that mouses are too large for my hand. Xornet was the ultimate mouse for me but sadly to all mouses there comes an end where it doesn't work any longer. I was on the search for a new mouse (preferably coolermaster) since I've always been satisfied with my purchases, come to find out that I cannot find any Xornet II model anywere in my country without being charged a rediculous amount of money for it. It was the price the fair pricing of the mouse that made it such a great product. I made the decision to try a new mouse that looked similar to the Xornet II but the mouse ended up being way too large for my hand as well and decided to send it back to Amazon. Now I am still working with a broken Xornet II that doesn't work at all. (mm520) I'd love to ask if I can still get the mouse elsewere since it isn't being sold on the website any longer either. If not, are there any other mouses that come close to the Xornet II's design ?